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Atlantic Energy (UK) has individuals with experience in developing specific engineering studies for the Energy, Oil & Gas sector, providing technology to the Energy Industry including design and operations in the world-wide markets.  Atlantic Energy is dedicated to delivering independent and comprehensive services to major contractors from research and development, through concept and assessment to engineering design. 


Atlantic Energy business activities operate on a world-wide basis providing Programme, Project, Engineering & Management business, to improve productivity and provide technology to the Energy Industry including design and operations in the world-wide markets. 


Atlantic Energy’s experience is invested in seasoned Managers and Engineers and offers a wide range of engineering services. This is is a multi-disciplined engineering company capable of undertaking a broad cross section of work from “turn key projects” to “specific studies” as well as providing technical experts in a broad cross section of disciplines. In addition, the Group is associated with a number of International experts who provide specific support. 


Atlantic Energy operates management and engineering consultancy services for the energy sector and benefits from the various affiliates and companies to strategic partners.  Atlantic Energy (UK) has some of the UK’s most experienced engineers including respected key Marine Managers in both design and production operations and pride themselves on delivery.


Atlantic Energy operates a structured approach In order to identify the necessary tasks implicit in the introduction of Production Engineering, it is convenient to consider a sub-division into two unique parts. 

Process Engineering which identifies ‘HOW’ to produce the product and at what cost, ‘WHERE’ to produce the product and ‘WITH WHAT’ the product is produced. 

Product Engineering which considered the functional requirements which the product has to satisfy but should also give equal consideration to designing a product which can be economically build or made within the capability of the processes and facilities existing in the Company.


Atlantic Energy undertakes re-engineering projects which in turn are sub-divided in order to be readily analysed and managed. Traditionally sub-division is undertaken by functional systems which is appropriate for estimating and early design stages, however, it is inappropriate for planning, scheduling and execution because it leads to poor co-ordination of work. Atlantic Energy operates management and engineering consultancy services for the Energy sector. This can be defined as the least cost alternative compatible with functional requirements and facility constraints.


Within Atlantic Energy there is a wealth of capability and experience to coordinate and manage key energy and marine programmes throughout the projects life cycle. The systematic coordination of human resources, time, money, and information to plan, design, construct, and deliver a collection of projects in an integrated way which is not possible if managed separately. Atlantic Energy is available to assist you in making a decision on the “right projects”which is critical for internal and external stakeholders and we have the capability to manage the quality and the risks involved i.e. managing project quality in projects, cost and time management in projects that helps you deliver on-time and in-budget, and managing risk in projects that helps you plan for the unexpected.


Atlantic Energy’s experience in business planning and financial modelling will play a major part in maintaining the competitive edge which has forced business development operations to become more dominant in this sector. Business planning is the key mechanism for coordinating business development.


Cost savings will be achieved through strategic transformation of the operations towards decommissioning objectives. This involves a mix of Programme Management, Dynamic Safety Case, Personnel Management and Risk Sharing with the supply chain.

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