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Atlantic Energy’s business sectors includes Commodities (Trading), Energy, Engineering and Project and Programme Management.

Atlantic Energy is a multinational Energy business focusing on Trading, Petro-Chem Operations, Engineering, Project and Programme Management.  The markets served focuses on the Energy, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Mining, Environmental and Infrastructure industries.


Atlantic Energy’s core businesses includes Commodities (Trading), Energy, Engineering, and Project and Programme Management.


Atlantic Energy (UK) was established to benefit from the various affiliates, companies and strategic partners to provide turnkey capabilities that coupled Atlantic Energy’s unique skills to offer clients a one‐stop solution.  This will be achieved through a network of partners and affiliates and through its team of professionals/ strategic partners the company is capable of managing every aspect of oil and gas offshore production and decommission.

Through its team of professionals including strategic partners, Atlantic Energy is capable of managing every aspect of its business sectors from commodities transactions (including trade negotiations, structured financing, risk management, movement of cargoes, and distribution) to logistics and complex engineering projects where our strengths include program management and project execution, collectively working with our clients in a collaborative manner will ensure success.

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